1 Definitions of Unretentive

The meaning of the word unretentive, the definition of Unretentive:

adj.all - (of memory) deficient in retentiveness or range

The word "unretentive" uses 11 letters: E E E I N N R T T U V

No direct anagrams for unretentive found in our database.

Shorter words found within unretentive:

eerie en ennui entente enter entire entree enure envier er ere ern erne et eterne etui eve even evener event ever evert evite ie in inert inn inner innerve intent inter intern interne internee internet intervene inturn inure inurn invent inventer invert ire it iv ne nee nene nerve nervine net nett netter nettier neurine neuter neve never nevi nieve nine niner nit nite niter nitre nu nun nut nutrient nutter nuttier re ree reeve rei rein reinvent reive renin renitent rennet rent rente ret rete retene retentive retie retine retinene retint retinue retune reunite rev revenue revet revue rin rite rive riven rivet rue ruin run rune runt rut rutin te tee teen teener teenier teeter ten tenet tenner tent tenter tentie tentier tenure tenuti terete tern terne tet tetri ti tie tier tin tine tinner tint tinter tire tit titer titre tree treen tret trevet triene trine trite triune trivet true tui tun tune tuner tureen turn tut tutee tv un uneven unevener unit unite uniter unnerve unreeve unrent untie untier urine urn ut uteri uterine utter vee veer vein veiner veneer venin venine venire vent venter venture venturi venue verite vert vertu vet vi vie vier vine vintner virtu virtue

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