1 Definitions of Vaginismus

The meaning of the word vaginismus, the definition of Vaginismus:

n. - A painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina, often rendering copulation impossible.

The word "vaginismus" uses 10 letters: A G I I M N S S U V

No direct anagrams for vaginismus found in our database.

Shorter words found within vaginismus:

ag agin agism agisms ai aim aiming aims ain ains ais am ami amin amins amis amiss amu amus amusing an ani animi animis animus anis anus as ass assign assuming gain gains gam gamin gamins gams gan gas gaum gaums gaun gauss gin gins gm gnu gnus guan guans gum gums gun guns guv guvs ii in inga inia ins is ism isms issuing iv iva ma mag magi mags magus main mains man mans manus mas mass massing maun mavin mavins mavis mg mi mig migs min mina minas mini minis minus mis miss missing misusing ms mu mug mugs mun mung muni munis muns mus musing musings muss mussing na nag nagi nags nam ng nim nims nisi nisus nm nu nus sag sags sagum saimin saimins sain sains sang sans sasin sau savin saving savings savins si sigma sigmas sign signs sim sima simas simian simians sims sin sing sings sins sinus sis smug snag snags snug snugs sugi suing sum sums sun sung suns um un unai unais uns us using vagi vagus vain van vang vangs vans vas vau vaus vi via vig viga vigas vigs vii vim vimina vims vina vinas vis visa visaing visas vising vug vugs

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