9 Definitions of Vest

The meaning of the word vest, the definition of Vest:

n. - An article of clothing covering the person; an outer garment; a vestment; a dress; a vesture; a robe.

n. - Any outer covering; array; garb.

n. - Specifically, a waistcoat, or sleeveless body garment, for men, worn under the coat.

n. - To clothe with, or as with, a vestment, or garment; to dress; to robe; to cover, surround, or encompass closely.

n. - To clothe with authority, power, or the like; to put in possession; to invest; to furnish; to endow; -- followed by with before the thing conferred; as, to vest a court with power to try cases of life and death.

n. - To place or give into the possession or discretion of some person or authority; to commit to another; -- with in before the possessor; as, the power of life and death is vested in the king, or in the courts.

n. - To invest; to put; as, to vest money in goods, land, or houses.

n. - To clothe with possession; as, to vest a person with an estate; also, to give a person an immediate fixed right of present or future enjoyment of; as, an estate is vested in possession.

v. i. - To come or descend; to be fixed; to take effect, as a title or right; -- followed by in; as, upon the death of the ancestor, the estate, or the right to the estate, vests in the heir at law.

The word "vest" uses 4 letters: E S T V

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Words formed by adding one letter before or after vest, or to vest in any order:

a - stave vesta   n - vents   o - stove votes   r - verst verts   s - vests  

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es et set te tv vet

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