vicariates is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "vicariates" uses 10 letters: A A C E I I R S T V

Direct anagrams of vicariates:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after vicariates, or to vicariates in any order:

d - divaricates  

Shorter words found within vicariates:

aa aas acari ace aces aceta acre acres act acta active actives acts ae aecia ai air airest airiest airs airt airts ais ait aits aiver aivers ar arc arcs are area areas areca arecas areic ares aria arias arise arista aristae ars arse art arts as asci asea aster asteria astir at atar atavic ate ates atresia atria ava avarice avarices avast ave aver avers avert averts aves aviaries aviarist aviate aviates caesar car carat carate carates carats care cares caret carets caries caritas cars carse cart carte cartes carts carve carves casa case casita cast caste caster cat cate cater caters cates cats cave caveat caveats caver cavers caves caviar caviare caviares caviars cavie cavies cavities ceras ceria cerias cert cesta cesti ci cire cires cis cist cite citer citers cites cities cive civet civets civie civies crate crates cravat cravats crave craves crest cries cris crista cristae cv ear ears east eat eats ectasia er era eras erica ericas eristic ers erst es escar et eta etas etic evict evicts iatric ic ice ices icier iciest ie ii ira irate ire ires iris is it its iv iva ivies race races raciest racist raia raias raise raita ras rase rat rate rates rats rave raves re react reacts reata reatas rec recast recs recta recti rei reis res rest ret retia rets rev revisit revs ria rias riata riatas rice rices rise rite rites rive rives rivet rivets sac sacra sae saice sari sat sate sati satire satiric savate save saver scar scare scart scat sciara scrive sea sear seat sec sect sei ser sera serac serai set seta si sic sice sir sire sit sitar site siver sr sri stair star stare starve stave stearic steric stevia stir stiver stria striae strive ta tace taces tae taira tar tare tares tars tarsi tarsia tas tav tavs te tea tear tears teas tec terai terais teras ti tiara tiaras tic tics tie tier tiers ties tire tires tis trace traces trave traves triac triacs trice trices tries trivia tsar tv vac vacate vacates vacs vair vairs var vara varas varia variate variates varices varies vars vas vasa vase vast vaster vastier vat vatic vats vera verist veristic veritas verst vert verts vesica vest vesta vet vets vi via viatic viatica vicar vicarate vicarates vicariate vicars vice vices vie vier viers vies vii vires vis visa viscera vise visit visiter vista vita vitae vitric vitrics

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