4 Definitions of Voluminous

The meaning of the word voluminous, the definition of Voluminous:

a. - Of or pertaining to volume or volumes.

a. - Consisting of many folds, coils, or convolutions.

a. - Of great volume, or bulk; large.

a. - Having written much, or produced many volumes; copious; diffuse; as, a voluminous writer.

The word "voluminous" uses 10 letters: I L M N O O S U U V

No direct anagrams for voluminous found in our database.

Shorter words found within voluminous:

il in ins insoul ion ions is ism iv li limn limns limo limos lin lino linos lins linum linums lion lions lis liv lm lo loin loins loo loom looms loon loons loos louis lum luminous lums luv luvs lv lvi mi mil milo milos mils min minus mis miso ml mo moil moils mol mols mon mono monos mons moo mool mools moon moons moos mos moulin moulins ms mu mun muni munis muns muon muons mus muslin nil nils nim nims nm no noil noils nolo nolos nom nomoi nomos noms noo nos nous nu nus oil oils olio olios olm om ominous oms on onium ons onus os osmol ovoli ovum si silo sim simoon sin slim slum smilo snool so soil sol soli solion solo solon solum som son soon sou soul sulu sum sumo sun ulu ulus um un uns us vi vim vims vino vinos vinous viol viols vis

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