1 Definitions of Vouchsafed

The meaning of the word vouchsafed, the definition of Vouchsafed:

imp. & p. p. - of Vouchsafe

The word "vouchsafed" uses 10 letters: A C D E F H O S U V

No direct anagrams for vouchsafed found in our database.

Shorter words found within vouchsafed:

ace aced aces ache ached aches ad ade ado ados ads ae ah as ash ashed ave aves avo avos avouch avouched avouches cad cade cades cads cafe cafes case cased cash cashed cause caused cave caved caves cd cf chad chads chafe chafed chafes chao chaos chase chased chef chefs chose chou chouse choused chufa chufas cod coda codas code codes cods coed coeds cohead coheads cos cosh coshed coude couvade couvades cove coved coves cud cuds cue cued cues cv dace daces dah dahs das dash de deaf deash dec decaf decafs deco decos defocus dev deva devas devs do doc docs doe does doh dos dose douce douche douches douse dove doves duce duces due dues duh duo duos each eau echo echos ecu ecus ed edh edhs eds ef efs eh es escudo fa face faced faces fad fade fades fado fados fads fas fash fashed fauces fauve fauves fave faves favus fed feds feh fehs feod feods feu feud feuds feus focus focused foe foes foh fou fovea foveas fucose fud fuds fuse fused ha had hade hades hae haed haes hao has have haves havoc havocs he head heads hes ho hocus hocused hod hods hoe hoed hoes hose hosed house housed hove hovea hue hued hues oaf oafs oaves oca ocas od ode odea odes ods oe oes of oh ohed ohs os ose ouch ouched ouches oud ouds ova sac sad sade sadhe sadhu sae safe sau sauce sauced sauch save saved scad schav scud scudo sea sec sh sha shad shade shaduf shave shaved she shea sheaf shed shod shoe shoed shove shoved so soave sod soda sofa soh sou suave such sue sued udo udos uh us use used uvea uveas vac vacs vadose vas vase vau vaus veau voces voe voes vouch vouched vouches vouchsafe

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