1 Definitions of Vulvectomy

The meaning of the word vulvectomy, the definition of Vulvectomy:

noun.act - surgical removal of part or all of the vulva

The word "vulvectomy" uses 10 letters: C E L M O T U V V Y

No direct anagrams for vulvectomy found in our database.

Shorter words found within vulvectomy:

cel celom celt cl clot clout clove cloy clue clv cm col cole colt coly come comely comet comte cot cote cove covet covey coy cue cul culet culm cult cum cut cute cutely cutey cv cyme cymol cymule cytol ecu el elm elmy em emu et lcm let leu lev levo levy ley lm lo locum lot lout love luce lum lute luv lv lyceum lye me mel melt meou met ml mo moc mol mole molt moly mot mote motel motey motley moue moult move mu mulct mule muley mut mute mutely my octyl oe ole oleum olm om otc out ovule ovum oy te tec tel telco to toe tole tolu tom tome toy tule tum tv tye ult um ut velum vet veto voe vole volt volte volume volute vote ye yet ylem yo yom you yule yum

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