2 Definitions of Xiphisternum

The meaning of the word xiphisternum, the definition of Xiphisternum:

n. - The posterior segment, or extremity, of the sternum; -- sometimes called metasternum, ensiform cartilage, ensiform process, or xiphoid process.

n. - The xiphiplastron.

The word "xiphisternum" uses 12 letters: E H I I M N P R S T U X

No direct anagrams for xiphisternum found in our database.

Shorter words found within xiphisternum:

eh em emir emirs emit emits emptins ems emu emus en ens er ern erns ers erst erupt erupts es esprit estrin estrum et eth eths etui etuis euripi ex exist exit exits he heir heirs heist hem hemin hemins hemp hemps hems hen hens hent hents hep her herm hermit hermits herms hern herns hers hes hest het hets hex hi hie hies him hin hins hint hinter hinters hints hip hips hipster hire hires hirsute his hisn hist hit hits hm hr hue hues huitre hum humeri humin hump humpier humpiest humps hums hun huns hunt hunter hunters hunts hup hurst hurt hurts hut huts ie ii imine imines imp impetus impi impis impish imprest imprint imprints imps impure impute imputer imputers imputes in inept inert inerts inherit inherits inhume inhumer inhumers inhumes inmesh input inputs inrush ins insert inset inspire inst instep insure inter interim interims intermix inters inti intime intis inure inures ire ires iris is ism isthmi it item items iterum ither its ix me mei men menhir menhirs mensh menu menus mephitis merit merits mesh met meth meths metis mi mien miens min mine miner miners mines mini minis minish minister minster mint minter minters mintier mints minuet minuets minus minute minuter minutes minx minxes minxish mir mire mires mirex miri miriest mirs mirth mirths mis mise miser mishit misinter mispen misprint mist mister mistier mistune mite miter miters mites mither mithers mitier mitis mitre mitres mix mixer mixers mixes mixt mixture mixtures mixup mixups mph ms mu mun muni munis muns munster mure murein mureins mures murex murine murines murphies mus muse muser mush musher mushier must muster musth mustier mut mute muter mutes mutine mutines mutinies muts ne neist nephrism nephritis nerts nest net nets neum neums neuritis next nexus nim nims nip nips nisei nisi nit nite niter niters nites nitre nitres nits nix nixe nixes nixie nixies nm nth nu nurse nus nut nuts nutsier pe peh pehs pein peins pen penis pens pent per peri peris perish perm permit permits perms pert pes pest pet pets phenix phi phis phrenitis pht phut phuts pi pie pier piers pies pietism pin pine pines pinetum pinier piniest pinite pinites pins pint pints pirn pirns pis pish pismire piste pit pith pithier piths pitier pitiers pities pitmen pits piu pix pixes pixie pixies premix premixt prest prex pries priest prim prime primes primi primine primines prims primsie primus print prints prise prism pristine prune prunes psi pterin pterins puisne pun punier puniest punish punisher puns punster punt punter punters punties punts pur pure purest puri purin purine purines purins puris purism purist purities purs purse pus push pusher pushier put puts re rei rein reins reis rem remint remints remit remits remix remixt rems rent rents rep repin repins reps res resh reship resin rest ret rets rex rhenium rheniums rheum rheums rhus rim rime rimes rimiest rims rimu rin rins rinse rip ripe ripen ripens ripes ripest rips rise risen rishi rite rites rpm rue rues ruin ruins rum rumen rumens rump rumps rums run rune runes runs runt runtish runts ruse rush rusine rust rut ruth ruths rutin rutins ruts sei semi sen seniti sent senti sept septum ser serin seriph serum set setup sex sext sh she shent shier shim shin shine shiner shinier ship shipmen shipment shire shirt shit shite shri shrimp shrine shtup shun shunt shunter shut shute si sieur sim simp simper sin sine sinh sinter sip sipe sir sire siren sirup sit site sith situp six sixer sixte sixth smit smite smiter smith smut snip snipe sniper snit speir spent sperm sphinx spier spin spine spinet spinier spire spirem spirit spirt spit spite sprent sprint sprit sprite sprue spue spume spumier spun spur spurn spurt sr sri stein stem step stern sternum stime stipe stir stirp strep strip stripe strum stum stump stumper stumpier stun stupe sue suer suet suint suit suite suiter sum sump sumpter sun sup supe super superhit supermini superthin supine sure surimi te temp tempi temps ten tens tenuis term termini terminus terms tern terns the thein theins their theirs theism them then thens therm therms thin thine thins thir this thrip thrips thru thrum thrums thump thumper thumpers thumps thus ti tie tiepin tiepins tier tiers ties time timer timers times tin tine tines tinier tins tip tipi tipis tips tipsier tipu tire tires tis triens tries trim trims trine trines trip tripe tripes trips triumph triumphs triune triunes true trues truism trump trumps tsine tui tuis tum tump tumps tun tune tuner tuners tunes tuns tup tups turn turnip turnips turns turps tush tushie tux tuxes uh um ump umpire umpires umps un unhip unisex unit unite uniter uniters unites unities unitise units unmesh unmet unmiter unmiters unmitre unmitres unmix unmixes unmixt unrest unrip unripe unripest unrips uns unset unsex unship unstep untie untier unties untrim untrims up uprise uprisen ups upsent upset upstir uptime uptimes urine urines urn urns ursine us use user usher ut uteri uts xerus xi xii xis xu

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